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Are you Tired of Losing out on commissions, or Frustrated because you didn't hit your goals in 2022? Maybe you can't seem to figure out a lead gen rhythm for consistent paychecks? Or maybe you hit your goals but you're Struggling to break through to the next level?

Are you Unsure what to improve that will make the biggest impact on your income? Looking for clarity for your business in 2023? Wishing you had some direct guidance? Looking for the answers that will work? Find focus and confidence in every aspect of your job!

What if you had a coach to help you identify what you're missing and push you to reach your next level? What if I told you it's possible to learn a new level of MASTERY in your business to up-level your income? What if you could hone your skills so you're a weapon in 2023

If you're ready to make amazing changes and invest in yourself and your business, then it's time you...

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The first 90 days are only the beginning.

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Supercharge in 90 Days is the first leg of your journey on the Road to $100k+. The Agent Leader Road to 100K coaching program includes weekly coaching and frameworks that will teach you how to drive consistently higher sales to reach $100K (and more) year over year. Supercharge in 90 days is INCLUDED with your monthly membership.

Let's Go!

The Plan 


Intensive skills training, coaching, and accountability.
Jumping off your first 90 days you will experience...

  • Intensive weekly training on every aspect of your business so you reach a higher level of mastery (weekly topic details below)
  • Weekly assessment of your business to promote faster learning and implementation
  • Expose the week areas in your business processes
  • Accountability for your actions and inaction
  • Get pushed to perform and level-up each week
  • Individual coaching sessions when you're not meeting your goals so you don't lose time trying to figure it out on your own

The Details for your first 90 days

Week 1 

Business Foundation Mastery 

Week 2 

Business Sources 12 Month Plan

Week 3 

Buyer Mastery

Week 4 

Listing Mastery

Week 5 

Sales Mastery

Week 6 

Scaling Mastery

Week 7 

Confidence Mastery

Week 8 

Market Mastery

Week 9 

Follow-up Mastery

Week 10 

Marketing Mastery

Week 11 

Schedule and Time Mastery

Week 12 

Performance & Consistency Mastery


12 Month Business Plan Workshop


The Wins

Video Poster Image
My only regret is that I didn't join sooner!”
- Lakisha W.
Video Poster Image
My only regret is that I didn't join sooner!”
- Lakisha W.
Easy to understand and it works!
- Miranda S.


I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Binggeli about 3 months ago during my search for a new brokerage.

I cannot express how valuable her content and knowledge of the industry are. The Agent Leader program provides a detailed, step-by-step path for long-term success within an industry that is muddled with different theories and techniques on how to win.

Lisa's passion for real estate is infectious and she truly cares about the success of each and every one of her students, she truly is a servant leader. If you are new to the industry or struggling to find your footing, the Agent Leader training will help you fill your daily schedule with tasks that are money-making activities with a multitude of different options on how to do so rather than the generic answer of "call your sphere".

Before teaming up with Lisa I saw her listings everywhere and always wondered how one agent could garner so much business, the answer is in the training!! If you want to win and set yourself apart in a very challenging industry Lisa's Agent Leader training is by far the best way to do so!"

- Dave M.

Learn to find Success, Influence, Purpose, Growth, and Connection and your business will become the thing you dreamed it could be. It's time to become a

World Class Realtor

The Complete Package

Agent Leader Academy Road to $100k

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Lifetime Access to The Academy includes:

Supercharge In 90 Days (Value $5000)

  • Intensive training for the first 90 days of 2023 to drive Momentum, create Daily Actions Plans, and Accountability

Kickstart Your Business ($997)

  • The most robust new agent training program
  • Foundational real estate business training 12 Modules (24 classes)
  • Each lesson is 20-60 min with PDF download guides and actionable items

One 30-minute private coaching session (Value $250)

  • Deep dive review of your business to jumpstart you

Weekly Group Coaching (Value $13,000)

  • High Performance Coaching
  • Business Development
  • Personal Development
  • Private Community
  • Private Podcast
  • Private Referral Network

Monthly Marketing Playbook & Challenge (Value $2400)

  • Learn to generate your own leads!
  • Q&A Session plus collaboration.


BONUS #1: Access to "The Vault" (Value $2000)

  • A collection of 100+ searchable trainings to help you Grow, Transform, and Succeed in your business.
  • Topics include listings, transactions, client conversion, retention, sales skills, AND MORE!
  • Also available as a podcast to listen on the go!

BONUS #2: Unlimited online leads ($2500)

  • PLUS the training to close those leads.
  • 40% referral fee paid to lead company at closing.
  • Receive special price access to a CRM system with training to save you time.
  • AND Conversation Starters for Buyer and Seller Leads.

Total Amazing Value $26,147+

All for only
1 payment of $3,000
$279 for 12 months

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The Agent Leader’s Guarantee

Still not sure this is what you need? Don’t worry. It’s guaranteed.

Agent Leader Coaching is designed to provide you with the necessary skills needed to increase sales, grow a successful real estate business full of repeat clients and referrals, and reach your goals as an agent.

If you don't feel as though you have received the education and support needed to achieve this success, simply email Lisa at [email protected] within the first 30 days to get your money back.

"The weekly productivity assessment has helped me target areas for improvement. I was more passive and not taking action as I should have. I feel great and looking forward to 2023 being my best year ever. You have made a big difference in my life. I always share your coaching with other agents whenever I can. I have been so blessed by it."

- Gail C

One more thing...

I need you to understand, there is nothing fancy about me. I was a stay-at-home mom, shopping on a budget, looking to make $15k a year. As I built a $987K a year real estate business, I realized that I had a system that worked, and I needed to share it with others.

First, I shared this exact framework with my sister. She was a single mom working her butt off at her day job as an insurance agent. She was missing out on her kids' activities, dinner time, and family time, and barely making ends meet.

I knew she was made for more! She had the desire and transitioned into real estate; I taught her everything I know. With these tools, she went from her $35k a year day job to $105k her first year and 200k+ in year two already seeing referral and repeat business. This opportunity changed her life!

I had her back, I’ve got yours. See you on the inside!

Your High-Performance and Life Coach,
Lisa Binggeli